Saturday, November 28, 2009

This is what happens if you are forced to draw a self portrait showing two aspects of yourself.
Basically, it's the kinda quiet and closed off side that many people see, and the inner working controlled chaos inside my head.

It's pastel, not my favorite, but kinda fun once in a while. I've never rinsed off my hands so many times in one don't think i have.

This is my new design for Woot called "Inspired By O Christmas Tree"

When all you can do is survey the world from the ground, you have to celebrate Christmas the only way decorating a shadow tree. To bad you have to keep shifting your decorations as the shadow tree slowly moves. But I guess the upside is the fact that you can decorate all the land at night!

You can vote for it here.

This is a close up of my new design for Woot called "Inspired By O Christmas Tree"

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sorry, this is kinda random, but I thought I would share a stop motion video I made for a class.
It's basically a story about my sketchbook and it's abilities in a dream. It features music by Owl City by whom all the music rights are owned.

Drawn Together - Stop Motion