Saturday, December 19, 2009

Events in 2009 Illustrated

The new theme for Shirt.Woot is "Events of 2009 Illustrated."
I had a hard time thinking of any good ideas on this one, but this is what I got:


On July 22, 2009 the longest solar eclipse during the 21st century took place. I came up with a more abstract interpretation of the eclipse image.

"The Bully"

It was reported that the type of bird that caused US Airways Flight 1549 to crash land in the Hudson River on January 15 were a migratory Canadian geese. After the rest of the geese heard the news they gained a new found fear of engines protruding from airplane wings which never seemed to be threatening before. Some geese use this to bully others. The audacity.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Color Separation

In response to a comment on Woot, here is how I separate colors for the print ready file. I'm sure there are far, far better ways of doing it, but this has worked for me so far.

In photoshop I usually end up merging all the layers together.

Then I create a new layer for each color I need and grab the Paint Bucket tool with about 10-15 Tolerance and the All Layers box checked. Next I color pick each color and fill with the bucket into each new layer (the All layers box will allow the new layer to be filled with the selected color based on the color on the original design that you click on). Clicking the bucket tool twice on the same color pushes the color out a few pixels, as does increasing the Tolerance.

Again, this way is far from perfect, can’t handle extremely sharp angles, and takes some finagling on complex designs, but it’s what I’m used to and if anyone knows a better way I would be glad to learn.

I hope this is what you were asking. Photoshop is all I have ever used so I have no idea about any other software.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Here's my new design for Woot called "Destructive Frolic."

Saturday, November 28, 2009

This is what happens if you are forced to draw a self portrait showing two aspects of yourself.
Basically, it's the kinda quiet and closed off side that many people see, and the inner working controlled chaos inside my head.

It's pastel, not my favorite, but kinda fun once in a while. I've never rinsed off my hands so many times in one don't think i have.

This is my new design for Woot called "Inspired By O Christmas Tree"

When all you can do is survey the world from the ground, you have to celebrate Christmas the only way decorating a shadow tree. To bad you have to keep shifting your decorations as the shadow tree slowly moves. But I guess the upside is the fact that you can decorate all the land at night!

You can vote for it here.

This is a close up of my new design for Woot called "Inspired By O Christmas Tree"

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sorry, this is kinda random, but I thought I would share a stop motion video I made for a class.
It's basically a story about my sketchbook and it's abilities in a dream. It features music by Owl City by whom all the music rights are owned.

Drawn Together - Stop Motion

Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's called "The Window" and I was inspired by this awesome shirt from DBH.
I finally put it up on Threadless because no themes ever fit it on woot.
You can vote for it here.

Friday, June 12, 2009

My design on Woot for the theme Sun. Now I'm just hoping it's not rejected because the halftone is too small to print. If you would like to vote, click HERE (you have to have made a purchase on woot before).

Stellar Effect

A fallen victim of the rejectionator over at woot.

Drawing Hands Inspiration

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

These are the designs that were printed at woot.

The Convenient Tiny Chair


Pockets Of Spring

Originally on Woot, Solemn Vow was changed into a band shirt and NHS Blend was a t-shirt for the NHS club at my old high school.

Solemn Vow

NHS Blend

Sunday, June 7, 2009

These are designs submitted to BluehouseSkis. Cycle was printed and is currently for sale here.


Sandbox Slopes
Various designs submitted to woot mainly in derbies that weren't printed.


Exceptionally Rare

Not Quite So Easy

Wishful Thinking

Safe At Sea

Evening Whim


Complimentary Coffee

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hello all, welcome!
Here are some designs I have submitted over at shirt.woot. Most of them did not do noticeably well in the derby except for Fail which climbed up to 17th place. The snail design, called Home Improvements, also got a Best Loser award I believe.